Who or what is Go! Parcs?
We noticed there was a need amongst recreation villa owners to be able to rent flexibly, but via a professional organisation.
In almost all cases renting is only possible with rental obligation, but, as an owner, you want to use your recreation home to your own liking, don’t you?

Go! Parcs makes the difference!
You can decide for yourself how you use your villa, but the rental will be arranged optimally. Everything, such as cleaning and linen packages will be taken care of.

Rent your holiday home via Go! Parcs and immediately enjoy all our advantages
The holiday homes at Go! Parcs that are situated on own grounds are extremely suitable as an investment. Go! Parcs lends itself well to rentals (partly because of its locations).
In case you choose to rent the holiday home partly or completely, we will take all the work off your hands. Go! Parcs will then take care of the entire rental process of your holiday home, all year long. This means you can benefit from your investment in all peacefulness and without cares. And, via ‘My Go Villa’ you can keep up with the occupancy rate of your villa online and even see when your villa can be booked.
The management is organized by TodoToday. Go! Parcs closely co-operates with this organization and together, they have a lot of knowledge to put your holiday home on the market successfully. It needs no looking after. In order to realize a high occupancy rate Go! Parcs closely co-operates with well-known tour operators. As an owner, you will therefore not be dependent on one rental organization but rather benefit from the success of several powerful parties.

Some partners of Go! Parcs are:

  • Novasol
  • The Dutchen
  • Aan Zee
  • Tui-groep ( Neckerman, Arke etc)
  • Belvilla
  • Happyhome
  • Casamundo
  • Homeaway

In short, your holiday(home) will be found!!

What exactly are the specific benefits for you as a house owner?
Flexible rental formula and extensive presentation of your holiday home. Go! Parcs uses a flexible rental formula with maximum profit. Your holiday home will be presented on our website with an extensive photo reportage (delivered by yourself or we make a reportage for you) and house description presented on our websites. You can keep using your holiday home yourself too.

Continuous access to your information
Via our online booking system all reservations will be recorded: reservations of our partners, but also your own reservations or bans. Go! Parcs offers you a personal webpage on which you can see all your bookings and paying surveys.

Right price-quality proportion
The rental sum per period and per stay will be fixed by mutual arrangement. This happens based on the amount of persons, the location of your holiday home, the type of holiday home and the classification by which the amount of stars will be decided and of course based on our years of experience. This way, a good balance between price and quality arises. We also visit the holiday homes regularly to guarantee high quality.

Other important benefits

  • Care and handling the entire reservation procedure, from bookings to payments and after sales;
  • Rents will be paid per month;
  • Personal contact in your own language with our Product Support department;
  • 24-hour SOS-service line for house owners, wardens and guests;
  • Professional support and custom advice from our specialists.

Presentation of your holiday home
Go! Parcs can also create a photo reportage for you to guarantee a good presentation, 360° photos included, so that (prospective) tenants get a good impression of your villa. This reportage will be made in good consultation with you.