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Vinkeveense Plassen offers something for everyone in the field of recreation and nature. The lakes are characterized by the legakkers and the ring of 12 sand islands.

For water recreation there are unique opportunities here. You can explore the area sailing or by motorboat but also very well by canoe or boat. Especially for canoes and electric boats there are a set number of routes.

The sand islands 1 and 2 (of which island 2 only in the summer), 4 and 5 are accessible from the mainland. The other islands are only accessible by water. The sand islands are completely equipped for outdoor recreation. There are berths, toilets, beaches, lawns, playground equipment and picnic benches.

On sand island 1 there is a pavilion where you can grab refreshments and also in sand island 4 there is a catering facility. Dogs must be kept on a leash and are not allowed on the islands 3, 4, 5 and 8.


Through the clear water the Vinkeveense Plassen is a popular dive site and divers come from all over the Netherlands. Divers can visit the specially equipped dive zone with sand island 4. This zone is about 180 meters long and 120 meters wide and is prohibited for shipping. In the diving zone several diving objects have been placed at various depths.

At the Zuidplas, a water-skiing area is marked off. The recreation authority has granted exemptions for the purpose of water skiing. Only in the water-skiing area are you allowed to travel faster than 9 km/hr. For the rest of the lakes, the maximum speed is 9 km/h during the day and 6 km/h from sunset to sunrise.

Nature in and around the Vinkeveense Plassen is not only a beautiful backdrop for a day out but the fields also accommodate diverse flora and fauna. Botshol has even established a spoonbill colony. This area is, outside the breeding season, only accessible by canoe. The recreation area opened in early 2008 the trail Botshol where the route goes along this beautiful nature area.

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