Verhuurvoorwaarden huurders

Intermediary: Go Green Holiday Renter: a (natural) person, whom is renting or desires to rent a holiday accommodation on offer by Go Green Holiday . Co-renter: individual residing in the holiday accommodation together with the renter. Manager: individual whom manages the holiday accommodation on behalf of the owner. Owner: the legal owner of a holiday accommodation, whom has offered the accommodation for rental purposes to Go Green Holiday .

Applicability General Terms and Conditions 
There general terms and conditions apply to all offers and tenders by, agreements with, supply contracts and services of Go Green Holiday . All conditions, agreements or arrangements other than included in these terms and conditions will only apply as far as and when these have been confirmed by Go Green Holiday. 

Offers, prices and rates  
Offers by Go Green Holiday  will always be non-committal and be subject to any interim changes. All entries on the website of and any other written statements shall be deemed to have been given in good faith and are always subject to any interim changes. Go Green Holiday is not bound to any apparent errors and omissions on her website and in any other written statements. The renter declares to be familiar with the description of the holiday accommodation Go Green Holiday has provided on their website and not to desire any further description. Prices are always including sales tax but excluding the cost of a (non obligatory) cancellation and/or travel insurance and or other costs. Special additional fees such as energy, cleaning, or booking cost and local fees set by the government will be stated separately 
The amounts mentioned in these terms and conditions, where applicable, include VAT. 

As soon as we have received your booking by phone, the website or written communication, you will receive a booking form/invoice. Go Green Holiday always holds the right to cancel a booking before an agreement is made, without specification of a reason. The booking forms/invoices/accommodation tickets and any other written documents will contain all relevant details about the stay in the booked holiday accommodation To ensure a proper booking and to prevent misconceptions from occurring the renter agrees to, after receiving the booking form/invoice and any other written documents, check if all details are complete and correct and to notify Go Green Holiday of any errors or omissions within 7 days of receiving the booking form/invoice and any other written documents. In case such a notification is not made within the term set above, the renter no longer holds the right to appeal on grounds of the incompleteness or incorrectness of the booking form/invoice nor any of the other written documents. 

Payment and settlement 
At conclusion of the agreement a deposit of 30% of the total agreed amount is to be paid. 
The remainder of the total amount is to be in possession of Go Green Holiday at the latest six weeks before the day of departure. In case the payment is late the renter is in default. He will be notified of this in writing by Go Green Holiday , and will then be offered the opportunity to meet the outstanding amount within 7 business days. In case the payment is still not received the agreement is considered canceled on the day of default. Go Green Holiday holds the right to charge any corresponding cancellation fees. 
In case the agreement is concluded less than 6 weeks before the day of departure, the entire amount is to be paid immediately. 
Payment can be done by bank transfer. In case of bank transfers the date of payment is equal to the date the amount was received on the bank account of Go Green Holiday . Upon request of Go Green Holiday the renter needs to show Go Green Holiday proof of payment.

Security deposit  
A deposit will be desired for the holiday accommodation This deposit is to be met beforehand, unless otherwise agreed upon in the booking form and/or accommodation tickets. After the stay in the holiday accommodation any additional fees will be settled and any identified damages or missing objects in or around the holiday accommodation will be settled with the deposit, after which the remainder of the deposit will be transferred back to the renter by bank. In any case the remainder of the deposit will be returned by bank transfer within 14 days after the stay by the owner or manager.  
In the event an agreement is canceled the renter owes, apart from any outstanding booking amount, the following cancellation fees:  
*cancellation up to the 56nd day (exclusive) before the departure day: the deposit;  
*cancellation from the 56th day (including) until the day of departure: the total amount.   
Outside of office hours 
Cancellations outside of office hours are considered to be made on the first business day after.  

We act solely as intermediary and are therefore not able to accept any liability whatsoever, in case the owner of the holiday accommodation would be in default, despite 
At arrival the holiday object can in most cases be entered from 15.00. In most cases it needs to be vacated before 10.00 on the day of departure. Diverging times will be stated in the booking confirmation. The holiday object is not to be inhabited by more persons than agreed upon in writing. In case more inhabitants are found than was agreed upon, the owner or manager holds the right to deny you access, or charge EUR 23,00 per surplus person per day. This depends on the situation on site. Bringing pets is not allowed without written consent. In case pets are discovered the owner or manager holds the right to deny you further access to the holiday object. The renter is to arrange the linen such as bed linen, kitchen towels and towels themselves. Sometimes it is possible to rent bed linen, or it may be included in the rental price. This will always be stated in the description or the price list of the holiday object. On departure day the holiday object is to be left broom clean, which means the following: all dishes are cleaned, trash has been put in the container or offered timely according to the schedule, the bin fitted with a new trash bag, covers are to be left folded on the foot end of the bed, the fridge is to be empty and clean, all foodstuff removed. The floor swept. 

Changes made by Go Green Holiday 
Go Green Holiday holds the right to modify the agreed services under significant circumstances. These will be notified to the renter within 72 hours (3 business days), after Go Green Holiday is notified of the modification. 
In case of a modification Go Green Holiday may offer the renter an alternative. This will be done within 72 hours (3 business days). The alternative offer shall be at least equal. In case the renter opts not to use this alternative offer, they need to notify Go Green Holiday within 72 hours (3 business days) after receipt of this notification.  

In case you have valid complaints about the cleaning of your holiday accommodation you are to notify the owner/manager the same day. They will then send someone to inspect the situation of your complaint, and to clean it in case the complaint was valid. Please do not clean yourself, then your complaint can not be accepted, because the owner/manager can not inspect anything. In case you have substantial complaints of another kind you are to notify us on the day of arrival before 19.00. Later than this your complaint can no longer be accepted. 

Final provision  
These terms and conditions are only governed by the Dutch law. All disputes arising from the booking form/invoice and other written documents or these terms and conditions will in the first instance be settled by a competent court in the Netherlands. Neither party may assign their rights and obligations to third parties unless otherwise specified in these conditions. If and insofar as any provision in the booking form/invoice or other written document and the present conditions appear void, the other provisions will remain intact and the void provision will considered thus converted to comply with the apparent intentions of the parties.